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Brick Paver Restoration Cleaning & Sealing

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Paver Stone Sealing/Recovery

The easy way to beautify, restore and protect your interlocking pavers and concrete surfaces starts with a superior product. Surface Logix products are my choice above the rest. When properly applied to interlocking pavers and concrete surfaces, Cobble Coat and Cobble Lock provide a tough membrane that is resistant to most household chemicals, the ultra violet rays of the sun and water. Cobble Coat and Cobble Lock sealer will bring out and preserve the natural beauty of interlocking pavers while leaving a rich satin finish for 3 – 4 years. Weathered, faded and stained concrete surfaces can easily be restored and protected sparing the costly expense of replacement.

Paver Stone Recovery

Unfortunately for various reasons there are a great number of flawed sealer applications in Southwest Florida. Caused by the use of a poor quality sealer, too much sealer applied and or moisture trapped under the sealer, I see more of these examples than I care too. There are a couple of techniques available to repair and recover your paver stones from “hazed” sealer applications. One, media blasting the stones, but this is not my recommended recovery because of the risk in actually changing the face of the stone and cost associated with the process and Two, stripping the old sealer from the stones. At Handy Home Repair I use a biodegradable stripper from Lomar/Soy Gel, it is an environmentally safe stripper designed to remove previously applied sealers, solvent or water based. Although labor intensive the process will not damage your grass edge and or plants that border your paved areas.

Paver Stone Sealing 101:

Thinking about DIY, do your research and understand proper application. Products on the shelves at big box stores rarely live up to their claims of longevity and if applied incorrectly the average cost of stripping a flawed application ranges from $2.25 to $4.50 a square foot (see the picture on this page of an extremely hazed driveway). I receive more calls pertaining to “can you fix my hazy/foggy driveway” than calls inquiring about new applications, unfortunately. Give me a call for a free estimate, my per square foot pricing is highly competitive and my service and application above the rest. Just ask my customers.

What is effervesence? When pavers are newly laid they can leach out a lime commonly known as “effervensence”. This is the primary reason for waiting two to three months before sealing your pavers. If you seal the paver to early you can lock in the effervensence which is typically a white/chaulky ring.

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Before I start a repair project in your home I spend time with you in identifying the repair and potential solution(s). We review home improvement options and based on your needs I provide a written estimate of the “total” cost. There is no charge to you in receiving an estimate from me! If you agree to allow me to complete your home repair the only price you’ll pay is the price on the estimate. There will be no additional or unexpected costs, no last-minute additions. Even if the home repair requires more time than estimated to complete due to unforeseen circumstances you only pay the original price on the estimate!


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